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Advisory Services

Not all clients want a discretionary service and so we also offer an advisory service. You still have a dedicated investment manager who will design your tailored investment portfolio, but transactions are only made with your express agreement. Your investment manager offers advice and is available to discuss investment decisions and you will benefit from expert knowledge in domestic and international markets. Not all clients want or need a discretionary service. If that fits your requirements, you will still benefit from a dedicated investment manager overseeing your portfolio, but you retain full control of your portfolio.

Execution-Only Services

Some clients prefer to make their own investment decisions without seeking advice. To meet their requirements, we also offer an execution-only service. We have access to the latest market information and dealing technology, via the Pershing Securities platform, which allows us to immediately execute your orders with skill and efficiency. This service is only available to experienced investors who demonstrate a deep understanding of the risks and potential rewards of their chosen investment strategy.