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The Vermeer Partners AIM Inheritance Tax Portfolio

Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning is not only for those with high net worth. It is a tax which is paid by thousands of people in the UK every year. But it is avoidable with a good IHT plan. That is why we would recommend you speak to Vermeer Financial Planning or your Financial Adviser before making any financial or IHT planning decisions.

The Vermeer Partners AIM IHT Portfolio has the objective of obtaining 100% relief from IHT, as well as the potential for capital appreciation, by investing into qualifying AIM quoted companies. The Vermeer Partners AIM IHT Portfolio is an effective, proven and non-contentious tax planning method which avoids the costs, administration and loss of control associated with forming a trust or gifting.

Growth potential

Holding a Vermeer Partners AIM IHT Portfolio means you will benefit from the growth opportunity AIM presents as one of the most successful growth markets in the world.

IHT mitigation

A Vermeer Partners AIM IHT portfolio achieves 100% mitigation from IHT after only two years. Not seven years as is the case through a gifting or trust approach.

Retain access to your assets

Holders of a Vermeer Partners AIM IHT portfolio retain assets in their own name which means you will not lose control of your assets and have the freedom to redeem some, or all, of your holdings at any time.


Performance history can be viewed on page 16 and the key risks associated with this service are explained in full on page 21 of the brochure - which you can download below. It is important that you understand the risks and are comfortable with these. We recommend you speak to a financial adviser or Vermeer Financial Planning before making any investment decisions.

Vermeer Partners cannot give advice on legal or taxation matters. We always recommend you talk to a qualified Financial Adviser or Vermeer before making any investment decisions and that your Will is drafted correctly to benefit from the available IHT reliefs including Business Relief.

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