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25 October 2022

Thoughts on 2022: Road to Nowhere

We have started writing this piece at least four times in the last two weeks, assuming on each…

11 July 2022

Thoughts on 2022: Money’s Too Tight (to Mention)

There are many topics we could discuss surrounding the current period of malaise and we decided to…

04 July 2022

Thoughts on 2022: The Halfway Point

After many years of strong stock market returns, the first half of 2022 has unfortunately been the…

08 April 2022

Thoughts on 2022: Ordinary People

We are not gloomy on the medium- and long-term outlook, and we have an entrenched view that the…

12 January 2022

Thoughts on 2022: One Step Beyond

We have summed up our thoughts regarding 2021 in a separate document but as a precursor to our…

04 January 2022

2021 A Year in Review

2021 was a year of great recovery following the sharp downturn triggered by the onset of Covid and…

13 October 2021

YouTube Webinar: The Impact of Recent Economic Trends and Suggested Solutions

Kindly invited by Dixcart, Simon King looks at current economic trends and how we can start to…

08 October 2021

Thoughts on 2021: Wind of Change

The main purpose of our quarterly thought piece is usually to focus on what we see coming down the…

13 July 2021

Thoughts on 2021: And the Beat Goes On

None of our concerns on inflation, high valuations relative to history or the long-term impact of…

07 July 2021

Thoughts on 2021: The Halfway Point

The sharp recovery in earnings that we talked about in 2020 is now here.…

12 April 2021

Thoughts on 2021: Inflation - Pump it Up

Inflation has its advantages and disadvantages – difficult to know what to cheer for...…

19 January 2021

Investment Tips in a Post-Vaccine World

Charlie Todd shares his Top 10 Tips…

07 January 2021

Thoughts on 2021: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

As I tried to gather my thoughts for 2021 over Christmas and wrestled with the prospects of sounding…

04 January 2021

Thoughts on 2020: A Year in Review

2020 was a year like no other where a once in a generation global pandemic saw governments around…

01 October 2020

Thoughts on 2020: The Long & Winding Road

We doubt Paul McCartney was thinking too much of the economic outlook when he penned the above…

24 July 2020

Thoughts on 2020: The Halfway Point

Rarely, if ever, in stock market history have we witnessed such levels of extreme volatility.…

15 July 2020

Thoughts on 2020: The Twilight Zone

We have generally tried to avoid commenting on every twist and turn in the current crisis, choosing…

19 June 2020

Thoughts on 2020: What's Going On

Marvin Gaye’s classic 1971 album seems an apt title for our current thought piece...…

05 April 2020

Thoughts on 2020: Lockdown

It seems an eternity since our last piece of only a few weeks ago and a particularly gruelling one…

01 March 2020

Thoughts on 2020: Blip or Bust

It is somewhat tragic that it has taken a real-life health epidemic with thousands of lost lives to…

13 January 2020

Thoughts on 2019: A Year in Review

Investors should enter the 2020s in a positive frame of mind...…

01 January 2020

Thoughts on 2020: Picture this

As we commented in our previous investment report, we are running short of appropriate titles for…

01 October 2019

Thoughts on 2019: Groundhog Day

We are fast running out of snappy titles to describe yet another period of little change, but the…

07 August 2019

Thoughts on 2019: The Boris Bounce

Since we established Vermeer Partners towards the end of 2018 this is the third occasion, we have…

01 August 2019

Thoughts on 2019: Brexit Brief

We have had several requests from clients for our thoughts on Brexit and therefore thought it…

01 May 2019

Thoughts on 2019: Déjà Vu

Our previous thought piece published in January focussed on the unpredictable environment created by…

01 January 2019

Thoughts on 2019: No Time for Heroics

The turn of the year is the time when it is traditional for stock market commentators and pundits to…

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