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Charity trustees face increasingly complex governance, operational and regulatory challenges. We seek to reduce some of those challenges by ensuring the investment portfolio operates at peak efficiency to meet your charity’s objectives.

Our investment managers draw on their considerable experience to understand your charity’s objectives, risk profile and ethical investment requirements. We then work with the trustees to construct or implement an investment policy statement and help to ensure individual investments within the portfolio do not contravene the charity’s stated operational or ethical objectives.

We offer clear and concise reporting to charity trustees to enable you to assess performance against stated benchmarks and to review individual holdings against your investment policy statement.

Communication is essential, especially regular and face-to-face meetings with you. We do not employ relationship managers because we want you to have confidence in your investment managers and we believe you cannot have that relationship via a third party.

The range of charitable sectors we have experience in, is broad and includes those focused on: education, religious orders, the arts and the environment.

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