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08 September 2021 | Paul Dixey

Investing in the UK

This week Paul reminds us not to forget UK Smaller Companies when he talks to Paul Marriage, Fund Manager of the Tellworth UK Smaller Companies Fund and Co-Founder of Tellworth Investments



01:25 - We begin by looking back to PM’s early experiences as a young investor and

04:46 - the building of his career at Cazenove surrounded by some other great managers of that era.

06:17 - PM explains why the UK smaller company market is so exciting

08:50 - PD discusses how to build a meaningful track record over the years

11:08 - PM describes ‘P3M investing’ citing that famous fizzy mixer company he was an early investor in

12:57 - Is there space in a portfolio for companies that do not quite meet the high standards of P3M businesses, ie ‘value’ investments 

16:23 - PM explains the drivers behind setting up an investment boutique

19:10 - How Tellworth think about responsible investing

21:35 - Why UK smaller companies can perform well from an ESG perspective

24:30 - As we emerge from the pandemic and with a Brexit deal decided, what is the mood of corporate Britain

27:36 - What should we take from the elevated levels of UK mergers and acquisitions

30:40 - PM shares some advice for young investors and, as we are in the middle of the Test Match Series with India, we finish with a cricket related question: 33:39!



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